What To Expect


Step 1: Initial Consultation

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Before I can deliver your custom solutions, I need to understand both the problems you are facing and the environment in which they emerge.

Our first step is to schedule a consultation, held via telephone or video conference, where you and your team describe your business challenges and we decide if we are a good fit for each other.

There is no obligation.

If either of us decides not to proceed for any reason, the initial consultation is free.

Step 2: Discovery Agreement

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If we think we can help each other, I will forward a type of contract called a Consulting Services Agreement (“CSA”) that describes our mutual obligations through the discovery phase only.

“Discovery” is the time I spend with you and your team, both on the phone and in person, to get a deeper understanding of your challenges, your opportunities, and the personalities and extraneous factors contributing to both!

Even with a signed agreement, there is no obligation to proceed past discovery. If you want to implement some or all of my recommendations yourself, you remain free to do so.

Step 3: Initial Deposit

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Before work begins, I require my clients to make a good faith deposit of $800. This covers my initial time and expenses, with any remainder credited toward future work.

Step 4: Discovery Phase

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My job in discovery is to understand your unique situation and to develop, with your knowledge and feedback, a proposal for further work: the remedy.

I usually ask to visit my clients’ offices or other places of business (with major expenses covered by the client). In my experience, at least one on-site visit is necessary for me to do my job effectively — sometimes more. However, I am conveniently located in the middle of the continental US, so I never have to go very far!

Step 5: Remedy Proposal

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Based on our conversations and your input, I will create an outline or roadmap to the solutions that will give your business the solid foundation it needs to grow. You may consider me for some, all, or none of that work.

Since I don’t make much on discovery, my goal of course is to get every client satisfactorily to the remedy stage — even where that means giving tough feedback or difficult-to-hear recommendations.

A risk-free Process

If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied or we are otherwise unable to continue working together, there is no further obligation.