Consultants Help Businesses of All Sizes

It’s a myth that consultants are only for large businesses. Retail shops, agencies, and freelancers use them every day to:

  • Boost Sales

  • Design Marketing Plans

  • Build Systems & Websites

  • Create & Manage Budgets

  • Identify & Mitigate Risks

  • Research New Strategies

  • Teach Industry Best Practices

  • Improve Time Management

  • Provide Career Coaching

  • Draft Agreements & Contracts

  • Give Office Software Training

  • Cut Costs & Find Efficiencies


Hiring a consultant doesn’t have to be expensive

In fact, it’s often cheaper than the alternative! A good consultant can often offset their fee over time in the form of reduced cost or new products and sales. specializes in small and medium-sized businesses. We are available hourly, so our clients can solve their problems while scaling the work to their budget. We also leverage the latest in telework technology to reduce or eliminate travel costs.



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4 Reasons to Consider a Consultant


Reason 1

Access to Experience

Don't reinvent the wheel. Odds are, someone has faced your specific problems before, and beat them.

A consultant not only temporarily increases your professional bandwidth, they bring years of experience at far less cost than hiring a seasoned executive—or making a costly mistake.

Reason 2


Maybe it's time to come up for air.

Business owners and senior stakeholders can become so vested in their work that it's sometimes hard to spot the need for change. A consultant brings a fresh pair of eyes and an objective position, and they have the skills and experience to offer a solution you may not have considered.



Reason 3

Specialist Skills Development


Businesses, particularly small businesses, are often in need of new skills.

Hiring a consultant gives you the flexibility to import only those your team needs, be it budgeting best practices, reports and metrics, or basic time management, all while scaling the work to your budget.

Reason 4

You are not where you want to be

Whether it’s for your business or for yourself, the best reason to hire a consultant or business coach is simple: they can help.

A consultant can take away the guesswork of “Am I doing this right?” and give you peace of mind by confirming you're on the right track—or by showing you how to get there.


I want to grow your business.

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My name is Rick, and I have over 20 years experience managing products and people at companies large and small, from local businesses that measured success one sale at a time to those on the S&P 500.

I help companies increase sales, build marketing plans, cut costs, design websites, leverage social media, discover & launch new products, streamline supply, find intelligence in data, and completely rebrand for success.

I help people identify and fill the specific gaps in their skill set that have held back their careers: time management, communication, leadership, project management, goal setting, data analysis, computing skills, negotiation, or networking.

My clients are hard-working, extremely busy entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers who are great at what they do but are ready for more. I get immense satisfaction from helping them solve problems, develop strategies, and reduce confusion and anxiety in their work life.

Here are just a handful of the established and up-and-coming teams I’ve worked with:

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What My Customers Are Saying

Meilyng Headshot.png

Meilyng W. - Compliance (Columbia, MD)

“Rick truly cared about our development and put the time in to help us apply management skills and improve. It was so motivating and refreshing. He developed a curriculum/plan and followed up so it was a continuous learning process.

A lot of what he implemented is still in place. It can be so hard to stick to your guns like that, but continual improvement has become part of our culture.”



Jesse C. - Franchise Sales (Los Angeles, CA)

“Working with Rick in our industry of franchising has by far exceeded my expectations.

For our company, having a solid foundation and infrastructure for how to operate and scale the business by implementing some very simple processes has proven to be exactly what we needed. I would consider him to be in the position of CEO. I have been so impressed!”



Mike S. - Salesforce/IT (Durham, NC)

“I can confidently say that Rick is one of the most impressive and influential leaders I have seen. He systematically transformed our entire organization through partnership, tenacity, and taking the right amount of risks. He was always comfortable going head-to-head with anyone in the C-Suite, but also knew when to avoid escalation of tough situations when it would be best.

Rick would be an asset to any organization either as a partner or leader.”

Adrean head shot.png

Adrean W. - Applied Mathematics (Kyoto, JP)

“Working for a public entity, our budgets are naturally very tight. It was essential that we find a consultant who could deliver what we needed at an affordable rate.

Rick was up-front with his time and his pricing, and his advice turned out to be invaluable. We caught a big oversight and were able to complete the project on schedule.”

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Be sure to Find the consultant that’s right for you!